NuJas Winter Wind Down

This past December, the team decided to do something special for some of the artists we admire and want to work with. We’re all about manifestation and setting intentions, so to prepare for the new year we hosted a vision board party and pillowtalk to de-stress after a taxing semester.

One of our guest was Allison Smith, a poet, artist, and incoming college freshman. Here’s her experience at the Wind Down:

I didn’t know what awaited me after I stepped through the doors of the Nujas Winter Wind Down. However, the outcome left me full and convinced of the importance of safe spaces for Black women to be un-apologetically safe and sound. The night consisted of vision boards and meaningful conversations, while soulful tunes played through the speakers. I was in awe of the pure vulnerability and trust that each of us endowed to one another. I felt as though I could be authentically myself and not conform to any notion of society. In sequential order, we started the night with greetings and light conversations. Then, we settled to create our vision boards, reflecting and manifesting the goals, aspirations, and hopes we have for the new year. Over the cutting and erratic strokes of glue sticks, we conversed about our ideologies on “peaceful protests,” our hair, and our image. In the midst, there was an occasional “Does this look right,” but the seemingly unparalleled pictures soon turned into gorgeous collages of our femininity, growth, and blackness. As our craft session came to an end, we went upstairs to explain and give meaning to our selections. It was beautiful. Seeing my friends have such specific and powerful goals, almost brought tears to my eyes. The aftermath triggered an important “wind down,” in which we dove deeper into our personal self and circumstances. In this important, intimate moment, we explored the topics of love, self-awareness, sexual liberation, and toxic masculinity. These were conversations that everyone should have with those who will not judge nor implement shame on them. When the clock struck ten, I didn’t want to leave, but I knew if stayed longer, it would be harder to. The nuggets taken away from this fruitful experience are those that will last me throughout the rest of my life and I am forever grateful that I was apart of this.

Ally Smith