LAYERS (2019)

A performance and exhibition by Nadifah Rasheed and Marcella Ralda. Photography by Janay Kelley.


INGROWN (2018)

“Ingrown” is a performance and exhibition by Jas Marie featuring Libya Freeman. At its core, “Ingrown” is a coming of age story for black girls. We are rarely reflected in media as anything other than already grown and we are forced to grow up far too fast. We aren’t offered the same advice and guidance that non black girls are, and we are often forced to become our own protectors. This show is a bittersweet love song to the awkward and painful time that a black girl is forced into womanhood. Each piece explores topics such as sexuality, gender, and mental health in order to comfort, inspire, and reassure black women that there is space for us. 


ODIDI (2018)

As the story goes, women are ribs. Parts of a whole. A sacrifice on part of man, who had to give some slice of body for a woman to be born. Odidi, meaning whole, challenges that idea. 
Odidi is a performance and exhibition by Nubia Yasin, Jas Marie, and Osarugue Otebele, with photography by Catherine Elizabeth Patton. Through a series of poems, these three women invite you into a different kind of Eden. One where Eve's parts are hers and hers alone. One where she eats because the Lord would have it so. One where there are no snakes, only vines, from which, the fruit grows ripe with waiting.



Little Women is a performance and exhibition by Nubia Yasin featuring Madame Frankie, and curated by Lawrence Matthews. “The journey it takes to go from black girl to black woman is unlike any other coming of age story; one that is more deeply rooted in trauma then I would like to admit. Before even realizing this fact, I was writing about it. Poem after poem about girls learning silence from their mothers, who learned it from their mothers… I wanted to make a body of work that gave these women (and myself) room to stretch, to talk, to release. Little Women is meant to “open the blinds” so to speak. Often times, the breaking of our women happens in our own homes. 
Every story in Little Women is a story about a girl who looks like me, who is me. This isn’t just my story, It’s our story.”